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Simply put, to learn and grow. I am fatigued with partisan news media (on both sides) that stake claim to a narrative and then pander to a base seeking confirmation bias to ease anxiety and feel better about the uncertain planet we all call home. I enjoy new ways of thinking and learning. That requires reading content that sometimes falls outside my comfort zone and to entertain ideas and beliefs that are contrary to my own. I embrace this form of cognitive dissonance because it allows me to consider different viewpoints and be open to change (gasp). Unfortunately, this philosophy is anathema to many, and the possibility of a different point of view instigates contempt. It turns out that most people are inclined and motivated to align their perceptions of the world with their actions (and to consume content accordingly). That is not inherently bad, but, unfortunately, that approach doesn't leave much room for personal growth. 

This weekly newsletter will attempt to be politically agnostic but will contain articles in traditional thinking that are "left-wing" and "right-wing" and in-between. I don't agree with every article that I distribute. My litmus for what content makes it into this email is a straightforward criterion: do I find it "interesting"? The benefits I am hoping to offer include saving you time by sifting through the content clutter and offering interesting reads on contemporary issues, exposing new ideas and concepts, and helping people rediscover the lost art of being able to disagree without arguing. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website!

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